Primary Creativeness – human beeings when they are most fully realizing themselves

Abraham Maslow researched creativeness as a fundamental potential of humans:

„We must make the distinction between primary creativeness and a sekundary creativeness. The primary creativeness or the inspirational phase must be separated from the working out and the development of the inspiration. …

This ability to become „lost in the present“ seems to be a sine qua non for primary creativness … (and) have something to do with this ability to bevome timeless, selfless, outside of space, of society, of history. It is always describes as a loss of ego, or sometimes as a transcendence of self. There is a fusion with the reality being observed, a oneness where was twoness, an integration of some sort of the self with the non-self. … the whole experience is experienced as bliss, ecstasy, repture, exaltation. …

My researches show that these experiences are quite naturalistic and, what is to the point right now, that they have much to teach us about creativness as well as other aspects of the fully functioning of, most mature and evolved, most healthy, when, in a word, they are most fully human.“

(Zitat aus: Maslow, A „The Creative Attitude, in: The Maslow Business Reader. 2000. John Wiley & Sons: S. 189 ff.)

An originell impression of Maslow:


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